12. Hunt groups how to

Hunt groups enable set one phone number (this number is refered as pilot number) as distributor of call to extensions defined in number list. Hunt group selection algorithm defines who receive next call in list. Our lab will show you how to configure simple hunt group on Cisco Unified CME.

Basic terms bounded with hunting number in list from pilot number are:

  • pilot number – ephone-DN that is dialed to reach a hunt group. (optionally keyword secondary)
  • algorithm type – method used to select which phone in hunt list should ring next,
  • list of member – group of ephone-DN that belong to the hunt „pool“,
  • hops – number of extensions that algorithm will try to ring before going to the final number,
  • timeout – in seconds – how long will ring a extension in hunt list before moving to the next extension selected by algorithm,
  • final number – number that is tried last after the number of hops has been exceeded

For hunt group creation is used ephone-hunt <Tag> configuration command. Tag can be number from 1 to 100.

For selection of next ringing phone in hunt group in Cisco Unified CME can be selected these algorithm:

  1. Longest idle – ring phone that was longest idle
  2. Sequential – rings extensions in exact order as was configured in list
  3. Peer – circular fashion – next ringed extension is in right position in list against previews ringed.

Our scenario consist of three ephone with unique extensions 1000, 1010 and 1020. All numbers are in hunt list. For ephone-hunt <Tag> algorithm we select nr. 10. As a pilot number had been selected 2000. Final destination after ringing number in list after hop 2 is first extension 1000. 

Next picture show configuration commands and appropriate options for select

Closer look at call to hunt pilot and mechanism of selection ringing phone by hunt algorithm describe next two pictures:

First number in hunt list is extension 1000 next hunted  number is right from 1000 (it is 1010) because peer (circular) algorithm was configured using ephone-hunt 10 peer command. When hops reach 2 (two ringed extensions) final number 1000 take ringing line.