Mailinglist – php example code – part 1 – app decomposition


Article descreibes decomposition of problem for mailinglist app. Users can subscribe for newsletter, grant GDPR. Admin can send mass emails to subscreibers an remove them by e-mail.

Our goals are:

  1. Users of app can subscribe into a mailinglist. Optionaly current subscribtion can be removed just in time. If user will be removed from mailinglist. Then only admin can remove them. (our first demonstration does not solve security at login level – admins only know names of files on server, that is not wery hard solution).

  2. Admin use separate page for writing subject and main message. After wiriting these parts, e-mail are send one by one. For consideration is how to prevent to send duplicate e-mails. Two sulution can be used – UNIQUE keyword for email database field and during queriing database for result DISTINCT for emails.
    For better insight in what is goin on are outputed infos about sending e-mails and also list of subscreibers is on bottom part of page. For unsubscribing users is on bottom of the page available button referencing on thirt page of app.

  3. App for unsubscribing users by e-mail for administrator of mailinglist. One field gain email that must be removed from subscription. After submitting appropriate e-mail is removed and new listing of subscribed user is showed for further verification.

  4. Optionaly will by added simplified verion page for unsubscribe user by e-mail. This page does not show list of all subscreibers, only say that appropriate email was found on database and was succesfully removed from them.

Next pictures shows GUI of appropriate page from final mailinglist app:

  1. Subscribtion into mailinglist page
  1. Admin for sending e-mails into a subscreibers
  1. Page for unsubscreibing by an e-mail

In a further articles we will take a closer look at appropriate pages. Current version of mailingapp can be obtained from github here.

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