2. Ephone button options

Button ephone-config commands are used to assign ephone-DNs to specific ephone.Button separator are used between line number (appropriate telephony line) and ephony-DN.

Example of config ephone 1 for normal beep:

router(config) # ephone-dn 1

router(config-ephone-dn) #number 2001

router(config) # ephone 1

router(config-ephone) # button 1:1

router(config-ephone) #end

Lets look at configurable button separators:

: – normal phone line

s – silent ring, ringer muted, call waiting beep muted

b – silent ring, ringer muted, call waiting beep not muted

f – feature ring

m – monitor line, silent ring, call waiting display suppressed

w – watch line, watch the phone off-hook via the phones primary ephone-dn

o – overlay lines, combine multiple lines per physical button

c – overlay call-waiting, combine multiple lines per physical button

x – expansion/ overflow, define additional expansion lines that are used when the primary line for an overlay button is occupied by an active call

For each button can be used different separator

       button 1f2 2s3 3o5,5 …

Our next article will focus on watch line configuration, that will expand m – monitor mode (only one monitored line, but not all ephone-dn in use). This feature is used on receptionist phones to see if an employee is using the ephone.

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