9. Call parking


Call parking enable to place call in „parked“ slot using unassigned ephone-DN and then resume the call from any cisco phone. Call park is the same functionality as hold bud call placed on hold can be resumed only from local phone. You can look at parking the call as extension of hold call.

Unused ephone-dn or ephone-DNs must be configured for parking slot.

Our lab reserve ephone-dn 7 and 8 as parking slots. Park slot on ephone-dn 8 is reserved for extension 1000 (ephone 1) with command entered under ephone-dn config.

Reserved-for options allocate park slot for specific extension (reserve it).

The timeout options configure timer that can help prevent people from parking calls and then forgetting about them.


Appropriate CLI commands are

ephone-dn  7

 number 8000
 name Park slot I.
ephone-dn  8
 number 8001
 park-slot reserved-for 1000 timeout 120 limit 2
 name Park slot II.
Output from CLI is

Now is time to try our configuration. call is placed from 1020 (ephone 3) to 1000 (ephone 1). Park softkey is shy under more softkey.

When we have been parked call for a while our screen look like this

Call is on parked slot and now is time to pickup them by dialing to park slot number 8001 from as example extension 1010 that is ephone 2 (this slot is reserved for ephone 1).

At end is call obtained from parking slot and will continue.

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