Conditions for using the site (Terms of Service)


These terms of use are valid from 22.3.2020 . 

Thank You Thank you for visiting our website Please read these terms of use, because our relationship with you in the use of the website is governed by them unconditionally (the „Terms“). If you do not agree to these Terms, you can not use the website. 

1. Introductory  provisions 

a) These conditions govern your use of the Web . Website includes all and any of the web page, its sub-pages and their content, source and object code as it is at any time available and operating at the above domain (the „Web Site“). 

b) providers and operators of a site is the creator Eng. Milan Čiljak. If these rules the term “ ,“ „I,“ „we,“ „us“ and so on. This is to mean the creator Eng. Milan Čiljak. 

c) The conditions are and  Conditions Privacy  and  Cookie Policy  and other additional conditions published at any time during operation web site as a reference in these Terms or otherwise. If there is a conflict between the provisions of the various conditions listed in the previous sentence and the content of these Terms shall prevail. 

d) By accepting these Terms and using the website you agree to the conditions set out therein.

e) confirmation of these Terms and Conditions, you represent and warrant that you have under the applicable regulations of the Slovak Republic and your country of citizenship or residence, is entitled to enter into a valid contract arising confirmation hereof. If you use a web page as a representative of another person after confirming these Terms, you represent and warrant that you are authorized to validly and effectively to represent that person. If you acknowledge these conditions for the company or other legal entity, you represent and warrant that you are authorized for such an entity to enter into a valid contract with arising confirmation hereof. If you are not by your country of citizenship or residence underage or authorized to abcsupport. en enter into a contract based on these Terms without the consent of the representative after the confirmation of these Terms and warrant that you have the consent or other lawful representative to use the website and the confirmation and acceptance of these Terms. At the same time, you represent and warrant that you are able to observe and comply with all rules, conditions, obligations, liabilities, representations and warranties set out in these Terms and Conditions.

f) These conditions apply to everyone who in any way uses the web page.

g) We are entitled to these Terms at any time to change or modify. The amended Conditions shall be valid and effective moment of their publication on the website or mobile application web site (if established) and the use of web sites (each logging into and using the web site) you agree to these new terms. You are required with the new Terms before continuing to use the website to inform.

h) If you do not agree with any conditions specified in these Terms and Conditions, then the web page you are entitled to use and you should stop using the website. Your access to the web site can be prevented in such a situation. If you are dissatisfied with any part of the website or its functionality or the services then the only way is to stop disagreements website use.

i) The provisions of these Terms is within reasonable limits also apply to the use of us created programs and applications designed to access the website for any facilities at any time in the future.

2. Conditions of Use website 

a) Using the web site may be up to 16 years of age. If you do not have at least 16 years, you can not use the web site.

b) As a user of the website you agree:

A. does not record, off the record, transform or otherwise disseminated through the web site content that violates third party rights or is unlawful, defamatory, abusive, obscene, fraudulent or otherwise inappropriate; 

B. does not record, off the record, transform or otherwise disseminated through the web site content that promotes, whether open or hidden forms of violence and incitement to hatred based on sex, race, color, language, religion or belief, national or ethnic origin, weapons and ammunition, war, alcohol, smoking, use of drugs, medicines, poisons and precursors, erotic, pornographic or otherwise objectionable content (including child pornography) or content that otherwise endangers the mental, physical and moral development of minors, or may impair their emotional status and mental health; 

C. does not record, off the record, transform or otherwise distribute content through web pages containing personal or identifying information of another person as if you do not consent to this use of that person; 

D. does not record, off the record, transform or otherwise spread through the website any malicious computer code, files or programs designed to disrupt or prevent the use of the website or any other software or hardware; 

E. does not record, off the record, transform or otherwise disseminate through the website misleading or false data and information that are intended to cause confusion for other users or disguise the origin of transmitted messages; 

F. Do not use the web site to send or disseminate any form of promotion or advertising of third parties or their products and services (including website accounts on social networks), including inserting text or watermarks to videos and images that are not expressly approved or to send or spread of unsolicited e-mail messages; 

G. Do not use the web site in any way to the operation or promotion competitions, games and betting, lending, borrowing and other financial transactions, jobs, to disseminate marketing materials, spam, hoaxes, false reporting, fraud or otherwise improper manner; 

H. use the website only lawful manner in accordance with the Terms and Conditions and / or applicable laws of the Slovak Republic; 

Also not sell, rent, not to give in return for payment or free of charge web site or part of it to third parties without the consent (eg. As „cloud computing“ or „software as a service“) or the right to use the website in any way burden occurs. 

c) As a user of the website must not:

A. collect, process or otherwise dispose of personal data or other content belonging or other users of the website for any purpose; 

B. without the express permission use automated means and tools (robots) to add content to the web page mailer messages to other users, marking posts, commenting, or any other automatic use of websites without human user intervention; 

C. without the express permission use automated means and tools (robots) to download, analysis and data mining, data and content websites, their classification or use other than in accordance with these Terms or with the consent with the exception of non-commercial Internet search engines and non-commercial public archives; 

D. add to web page content that is unrelated to the operation of websites, especially web site may not benefit from the spread of any political, ideological or other similar content; 

E.pridávať the website irrelevant content, repeatedly post the same or similar content, overwhelm and overload servers and technical infrastructure on which the web stránka prevádzkovaný; 

F.pridávať same content to inappropriate categories or in different locations or otherwise be contrary to the instructions for the correct adding content to web page; 

G. unauthorized access to computer programs, systems, servers or infrastructure web site or other system or activity that threatens the operation of web sites, reducing its quality or impairs its functionality; 

H. try to web page login as another user website without the express permission . 

d) You may not use the website in a way that your website or to third party websites will place links to parts of the web site, individual advertisements or posts without permission or way that not established for that purpose.

e) web site may use only method that we use to create web pages using web browsers or through us, created mobile applications (if established). Do not enter the website other than through dedicated programs and interfaces.

f) The use of the website must not be abused. We are entitled to suspend or cancel its discretion, also use web sites that would be contrary to these Terms or otherwise in our sole discretion, interfere with the operation and use of the website. We are also entitled to clear and remove any you do web sites provided or recorded content.

g) When using the website you will come into contact with an addition of other users, websites, not in any way liable for the accuracy, correctness, veracity, integrity or security of the content added by other users of the website. Content added by other users of the website can be defamatory, abusive, obscene or otherwise inappropriate while You acknowledge and agree that you are not entitled to and you do not even apply to any claims and compensation in relation to the content added by other users of the website or third parties.

h) Any restrictions mentioned in this article Terms and Conditions apply, in general, unless it is some use web site expressly permitted generally binding regulations, in which case only to the extent of such lawful authority.

i) In connection with the use of web pages we can be in various parts of the website to place advertising of third parties. Scope of ad placements, we are entitled at its discretion to change and expand. As a user of the website you are giving your consent to the placement of advertisements in various parts of the web page.

j) Web site may also use other third-party services. The use of these services may be provided in the terms and conditions of these services.

k) Web Site may contain links to other websites and files. control the content of these web pages and files and is in no way responsible for their content, services and materials on this website.

3.  The rights to the website and content 

a) The sole owner and holder of all property rights and other intellectual property rights to the website and any of its parts, web site content, trademarks and logos web site is solely .

b) By accepting these Terms and using the web site do not acquire any ownership rights, licenses, sub-licenses or other rights to the web site (especially not the right to modify, alter, interfere with the web site, process, adapt, and create derivative works from, make copies of web pages, web page or a copy redistribute, etc.). Web site and all its components, including graphical elements, layout, text, interfaces and other components of the website are protected by Slovak law and international treaties on intellectual property. Any use of the website other than in accordance with these Terms and Conditions require the written consent . You may not without the consent use the brand and logo cdesigner.

c) You may not modify the source or object code website and seek their disassemble or otherwise interfere in its functionalities. Web site is not provided under any of the freely distributable licenses (GNU GPL and other free licenses spreadable).

d) You are responsible for any content that you provide on the website; in particular, that such content to your right, which entitles you to such content on the web page to load and render. All your rights to that content remain intact (including intellectual property rights). We have the right in its sole discretion investigate any content that you add to the website.

e) reserves the right to delete from web sites any Content that violates these Terms and Conditions, generally binding legal regulations or is otherwise contrary to good morals.

f) By uploading or storing of any content on the web page grant non-exclusive, free of charge, temporally, geographically and factually unlimited license to use such content in any legal manner. You agree that is authorized within the scope of the previous sentence, license assigned to a third person as well as sublicense the extent of the previous sentence.

g) If you find that any content websites violates your property rights or intellectual property rights or rights of the person whom you are authorized to represent, you can notify the and ask to remove such content from the website. is not obliged to comply with such request if:

A. not provide all identifying information you or the owner or holder of rights to content they represent, including contact details; 

B. plausibly enough misrepresent that you or the person you represent, the owner or authorized holder of the rights to the content; 

C. sufficiently accurately identify content that violates your rights or the rights of a person, you represent and apply or remove to him asking to limit access; 

D. you do not submit a signed statement that, according to your best knowledge content that requesting to withdraw or restrict infringing rights to you or the person you represent and replace any damage and expenses incurred by him as a result of that suit your application the withdrawal or limitation of content; 

E. submit a written power of attorney or other document showing that you are authorized to represent the owner or authorized holder of the rights to such content. 

h) content removal requests should be sent to our company or to an email address

4. Modification of the Website 

a) We reserve the right to amend, suspend or terminate the operation of the website or any part thereof. We also reserve the right to add new restrictions on the use of the web site.

b) You are not entitled to claim any and all claims, damages, losses or damages to in connection with the change, amendment, suspension or termination of operation of the website or any part thereof, or in connection with your use of the website.

5. Liability 

a) provide any of the following warranties and representations:

A web page will be provided timely, uninterrupted or error free; 

B. The web site will be compatible and will be free from defects collaborate with other hardware, software, systems or data; 

C. bugs web sites will be removed properly and on time; 

b) shall not be liable for defects website and does not guarantee quality web site (Parties exclude the scope of § 562 of the Commercial Code in relation to the web site).

c) website is operated and provided in the state in which the (asis) without any warranties and representations. 

d) not responsible for your interactions and communication with other users of the web site was created through the website or on the basis thereof. Any such relationship between you and other users of the website or third parties made or implemented through a web site or on the basis arise and are awarded solely between you and such persons.

e) , its statutory bodies, directors, employees, workers, representatives and suppliers in any way responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages (including lost profits), defamation or data arising from the use of web site accessibility , relying on the use, properties and functions of the web site, inability to use web page changes or blocking websites even if you’re bringing this to our attention.

f) not responsible for error, lockouts or blackouts web pages that are caused by an error rate, lockouts or blackouts to your systems, public communication network and electricity supply.

g) If you are on a web page provided by a guarantee of competent jurisdiction in this case, we provide only guarantee in this range and other ranges exclude warranty.

6. Final Provisions 

a) You may not transfer or assign any rights under these Terms to a third party without the consent .

b) shall include a complete and exclusive agreement between you and regarding the use of the website and supersede any prior written or oral agreements or understandings between you and regarding the use of the website.

c) No failure of any right or claim under these Terms and Conditions by the not waiver or a waiver of such rights and is entitled / Y at any such right or entitlement to apply.

d) If any provision of these Terms and the contract between you and be invalid at the time of its conclusion, or if they become invalid later after conclusion of the contract, it shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions hereof. Instead of the invalid provisions of the Terms, provisions of the Civil Code, the Commercial Code, Copyright Act and other applicable laws of the Slovak Republic, which are its content and purpose of the next content and purpose.

e) for delivering electronic messages (e-mail) is true that the electronic document is deemed delivered its delivery to the addressee’s inbox. For service of documents it is true that the consignment is deemed to be delivered even if the addressee refuses to accept, or even if the addressee her own fault or omission does not take. In such a case it shall be deemed delivered expiration of the storage time at the post office for a period as specified by the sender and return to sender, what the sender shall prove undamaged evidence. Notifications delivered via the courier – courier service shall be deemed delivered at the moment of acceptance recipients.

f) under the following conditions arises between you and contractual relationship governed by the law of the Slovak Republic. All disputes relating to claims arising out of these Terms or use of the website or relating to these Terms or web site will be the exclusive competence of the courts of the Slovak Republic. You also agree that such disputes shall be subject to the jurisdiction of such courts.

If you have any questions please contact us at 

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